Interculturality and Creativity (in Lisbon)

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Target Participants

Teachers and other adults from educational organisations involved in formal, non-formal and informal learning.

The course will cover the following areas

Reflecting on the concepts of Culture, Identity and Intercultural competencies

Experiencing, sharing and reflecting on cultural contexts and personal development

Exploring modern Portuguese life and culture as well as its background

Strategies to increase learner motivation, involvement, creativity and intercultural competence



As teachers, we are often looking beyond the four walls of our classroom for inspiration, whether that comes from sources such as colleagues, literature, online forums or contact with other social and cultural realities. These can all provide us with excellent ideas for our own development and ultimately become better placed people to understand and deal with our own students’ needs within our varied teaching contexts. With great insight comes great professional competence.

Together we shall explore aspects of modern Portuguese life and culture, which will include an exploration into some Portuguese history, literature, way of life and relating areas.  Fernando Pessoa will walk with us along our inner and outer discoveries.

Teaching today requires more creativity than ever, and teachers will be challenged to find alternative ways to engage and facilitate students’ personal development as well as communicative and intercultural competences.

Throughout our sessions teachers will experience a selection of interactive exercises and challenges that will stimulate and inspire them to get the learner better reflect on his identity and intercultural competences plus provide techniques to help students express themselves.

Reflecting effectively and fine-tuning our teaching requires that we constantly challenge ourselves and are open to reflect on other cultures and ways of life. Improving our intercultural competences is also a way to help our students develop theirs.

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Active, collaborative and participative approach;

Critical analysis and reflection on individual standpoints as far as culture and education are concerned;

Relating theoretical and practical issues of participants’ educational contexts to the development of intercultural competence;

Experimenting Lisbon’s contributions to intercultural routes;


Dissemination and follow-up strategies.


A certificate of attendance is presented to participants at the end of the course.

Course Length

5 days extendable to 7 days

Course Fee 

5-day Course = 400 Euros
7-day Course = 560 Euros

Accommodation and meals are not included


You can request an Erasmus+ grant from your National Agency


Walking in Lisbon city


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