Design Learning Scenarios for Educational Robotics

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Target Participants

Teachers and other adults from educational organisations involved in formal, non-formal and informal learning.


There are no special preparation for this course.


  • Understand and discuss learning scenario and educational robotics concepts
  • Identify the features of educational robotics
  • Identify educational robotics programming languages
  • Identify the features of a Learning Scenario for Educational Robotics (LSEdRobtics)
  • Identify the types of tasks and learners that benefit most from LSEdRobtics
  • Identify situations in your organization that might apply to LSEdRobtics
  • Describe research findings that illustrate the benefits of LSEdRobtics
  • Design and implement a LSEdRobtics


  • Active, collaborative and participative approach;
  • Create learning scenarios;
  • Implement Learning Scenarios
  • Construct and program robots
  • Critical analysis and reflection relating theoretical and practical dimensions of Learning Scenarios using educational robotics;
  • Evaluation (with forms filled by trainees and trainers);
  • Dissemination and follow-up strategies.


Allow participants to share their experience and develop the project (and other projects) by web networking.


  • Creation of a mailing list;
  • Upload of the pedagogical objects and critical approaches;
  • Upload of pedagogical object developed by trainees in their own professional;
  • European Projects Development among participants.


A certificate of attendance is presented to participants at the end of the course.

Course Length

5 days 

Depending on the number of people having 7 days grant, we can extend the course to 7 days,

Course Fee 

5-day Course = 400 Euros
7-day Course = 560 Euros

Accommodation and meals are not included


You can request an Erasmus+ grant from your National Agency


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